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Is it possible to prolong the life of your dog with a healthy diet?

We all want our pets to a long and happy life, so we follow the rules to keep them healthy; exercise, vet trips, medical attention and of course, lots of love. 

Does a healthier diet help your dog live longer? For that matter, what is a healthy diet?

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10 ways to keep your dog cool

Summer is finally here and the outdoors is great once again! However, as the days are heating up keeping your dog, borrowed or owned, cool in the warmer weather is very important. So we have 10 ways to help your pup keep cool in the summer.

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Rainy day activities for your doggy

The British weather is rather unpredictable, so whether we like it or not there are a few rainy days, which mean that us humans and our doggies have to either brave the outdoors or stay inside. So we’ve got some ideas for you; some activities for dogs who are in need for some indoor entertainment.

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Dog adoption tips

We love sharing knowledge and educating our community so we’ve put together some pet adoption tips that may help you make a decision about your new addition.

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Paws for thought on these Springtime hazards

Top Springtime casualties to paws for thought

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Benefits of a raw meat diet

Our guest post blogger Cristi has found a few reasons on why a raw meat diet could be right for your dog.

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6 natural remedies to get rid of fleas

There is nothing worse than seeing your beloved dog itching and scratching as they try tirelessly to rid itself of those pesky fleas.Cindy Grant a crazy fan of dogs, cats and founder of has contributed this pawsome post.

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Spring tips to keep your doggy safe

Our friends at Vetfone have shared a few things to keep in mind during Springtime to keep your furry friend safe and sound.

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13 winter care tips for your dog

Any clue on how to take care of your pup when the temperatures plummet? We called our friends at Vets Now for some answers and this is what they told us.

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