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Surprising facts about fleas

Although they’re very small, fleas are a bigger deal than you might think. A recent study conducted by MSD revealed some rather shocking statistics about fleas. Find out more about it here

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What are dog 'zoomies' and why do they get them?

Those crazy bursts of energy can come out of nowhere and we watch as our dogs run aimlessly around the house, but why? We thought we’d do some digging to see if we can understand what ‘zoomies’ are. We’d love to share what we found.

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How often should I wash my dog?

It can often be unclear when or how often you should bathe your dog. We thought we would shed some light on the matter and offer so best practices on keeping your dog squeaky clean.

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Can dogs tell the time?

With the clocks changing this weekend it got us thinking… Are dogs able to tell time? Read on to see if your pup can really tell how long it’s been since they last ate…

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8 ways to make your doggy's life better in 2019

Happy New Year pups! Is there a way our dogs, borrowed or owned, can have an even better year than the last? We’ve found a few small ways to improve your dogs happiness and health.

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9 top dog cleaning tips

We all love our furry friends but they can sometimes cause a little bit of a mess - whether that be leaving a trail of fluff behind or a doggy scent wherever they’ve wandered. Read on and discover some simple cleaning tricks for your dog and home

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8 top tips for keeping your dog safe at the seaside

Did you know there can be some hazards for your pup at the beach? Not to worry though, we have pulled together a few top tips to help you and your furry friend have a fun and safe time at the beach.

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Is it possible to prolong the life of your dog with a healthy diet?

We all want our pets to a long and happy life, so we follow the rules to keep them healthy; exercise, vet trips, medical attention and of course, lots of love. 

Does a healthier diet help your dog live longer? For that matter, what is a healthy diet?

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10 ways to keep your dog cool

Summer is finally here and the outdoors is great once again! However, as the days are heating up keeping your dog, borrowed or owned, cool in the warmer weather is very important. So we have 10 ways to help your pup keep cool in the summer.

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