Preparing for a Welcome Woof | owner tips
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Preparing for a Welcome Woof | owner tips

So you’ve been getting to know a potential borrower on BorrowMyDoggy, and now is the time to meet up.

It’s very exciting, but we also totally understand that you might be a bit nervous too.

You want to find the pawfect match, that makes you and your pooch happy, someone that you can build a long-lasting, trusting relationship with.

So how can you make sure you have a wagtastic first meeting?

When you first meet up with someone you’ve got to know through BorrowMyDoggy, we call this a ‘Welcome Woof’.

It’s a great opportunity to get to know someone really well, so we want to make sure you get the most from it.

Taken from the combined experience of our members and our team’s experiences as borrowers and owners themselves, this guide should leave you feeling prepared for your ‘Welcome Woof’.

And if you are left with any more questions then be sure to get in touch with our friendly Help Team, who are always happy to support.

Bertie, the Labrador retriever with his owner and borrower


Arrange your ‘Welcome Woof’ using the messaging page on our website or app, without having to exchange any personal details. We recommend meeting in a neutral, public space like a park that your dog regularly goes to or is familiar with.

Of course, this depends on your individual situation. If a park doesn’t work for you, then choose the next best thing that still allows you to get to know the borrower in person, but still somewhere you and your pooch are comfortable, and that the borrower is comfortable too.


Open communication lets you, your potential borrower and your doggo, get the most out of BorrowMyDoggy.

Always be open and honest from the start, and if you can’t make a meet up, or don’t think a match is going to work, just politely let a borrower know.

And always be sure to communicate with them on the day of a meet up, to confirm you can still make it.

Mabel, the golden retriever

A ‘Welcome Woof’ is a great time to chat about what you both want from being a member of the BorrowMyDoggy community. Borrowers aren’t paid dog walkers or kennels, so their availability might vary, but chatting about that right from the start, can let you find extra borrowers if needed to make sure you’ve got all the help you’re looking for.

When you meet up, you can discuss things like:

  • Your care needs - are they regular, just every so often or up to the borrower?
  • Is there a chance there will be times you need last minute care?
  • What are you hoping to find on BorrowMyDoggy?
  • Is there anything you need to know about the dog - like are there places, people, dogs, skateboards/bikes etc that they should avoid?
  • How should a borrower handle the dog if they do come across those things?

Anything you think is important that borrowers need to know, to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable, and once you are both on the same page, let the fun begin!

If you are ever unhappy with a message you receive, please do just let our supportive help team know.


The ‘Welcome Woof’ is a great time for a borrower, yourself and your pooch to bond.

Maisie, the cavapoo

You will be able to have a good chat about all your dog’s needs, their favourite things, any slightly naughty behaviours they might want to watch out for (muddy puddle bath anyone?), and also let them know if there is any training you’re doing that you’d like them to keep up with when your doggo is spending time with them.

It’s a good idea to bring treats or toys, whatever your dog responds to best, which you can give to the borrower to help them bond with your pup.

What you do on your ‘Welcome Woof’ is up to you.

A first meeting can just be a short walk and a chat to get to know each other. For some dogs, once you’ve built up the dos and don’ts, and your potential borrower can see how your dog behaves, and only once you and your pooch are comfortable, they are happy for the borrower to take the lead for a little bit.

This can help the borrower to get familiar with your dog, and also helps you to see how comfortable they are and your dog is. We know that all dogs and humans are different though, some are more confident than others, so don’t worry if your pooch or potential borrower isn't ready for this step just yet (you can meet up as many times as you like before any borrowing!).

Always remember to take it at a pace that works for everyone.

Following up

After your first meet up with a new potential borrower, if all went well you can always arrange another meet up to get to know them more. But if you feel that the match isn’t working for you or you have different availability, then just let the borrower know.

If you want to discuss your experience with us, our Help Team is happy to help - whether this is reaching out to the borrower about your experience or helping you find a more suitable match.

We hope you have a pawsome “Welcome Woof” and if you ever need any more support, be sure to get in touch with your Help Team.

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