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COVID-19: An update about safe dog sharing

LAST UPDATED: 5th January 2021

Here at BorrowMyDoggy, one of our aims is to keep our community as safe as possible. With the ongoing coronavirus situation many of you will have questions and concerns about your dogs (whether they’re borrowed or owned) and dog sharing at this uncertain time. We just wanted to address these concerns.

Can my dog still be borrowed or can I still borrow dogs? 

Yes, but please be as responsible as possible to minimise the spread of the virus and always ensure you follow the guidelines of your local government, which you can review here:





Northern Ireland

How can I remain safe if I am using BorrowMyDoggy?

Please stay safe by following social distancing guidelines. We recommend that you only meet with one other person outdoors while dog walking, wear a mask if you can and keep good hygiene. 

Remember to wash your hands before and after handling a dog, and keep dog leads and items as clean as possible with sanitising wipes or a hot wash - you can read further tips here

Is my dog safe? Can they be affected by Coronavirus?

Our friends at My Family Vets have shared the following: “So far, there’s very little evidence to suggest that dogs can catch the disease. There’s also no evidence to suggest that dogs can transfer COVID-19 between humans. However, this is a new virus and a rare situation - it’s changing very quickly, so it’s very difficult for anyone to be 100% sure.”

You can read more here.

Can I stroke other people's dogs? 

The RSPCA’s current advice is: “Although there is no evidence that pets can spread the disease, we would advise avoiding contact with other people's pets.

What if I’m an owner and clinically vulnerable, and need my dog walking?

If you’re in urgent need of a dog walker please update or create a BorrowMyDoggy owner profile here. Hundreds of borrowers have let us know they’re looking to help owners in need due to the Coronavirus, so once you’ve created your profile you’ll be able to search for local borrowers.

Our team is also currently working hard on manually connecting owners in need. If you’re struggling to find a borrower please do contact our help team. We will do our best to find a suitable match in your area.

How can I help those that are most vulnerable or in need?

We’re so thankful for the amazing help our members give to one another on BorrowMyDoggy. If you feel you’re able to help please put a note on your profile and message members to show you’re available.

Can I still walk my dog?

Yes; all government advice states that we can leave our homes for exercise, which can include dog walking. 

If you’re self isolating, you should not leave the house at all and “you should ask someone outside of your household to walk your dog for you.” Please let other members know of your situation so they can make an informed decision and take appropriate precautions.

Our team is doing their very best to answer and update our FAQs as frequently as possible. If there are any questions that aren’t answered in our FAQs please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your continued support we’re always here and happy to help if you need us. Stay safe and continue to be kind to each other.

Best woofs,
The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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