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BBC Three Counties Radio and BorrowMyDoggy

On Saturday morning one of our co-founders Rikke was interviewed by David Prever for the BBC Three Counties Radio, high paws!

Rikke spoke about how BorrowMyDoggy was started to bring communities together and help leave ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of dogs and people. She explained how the never-ending, dog-shaped hole in her life prompted her to come up with the idea for BorrowMyDoggy. Rikke also spoke about how the process works, from how members create a profile and message each other through the site, to going on the first meet and greet session otherwise known as the ‘Welcome Woof’.

David mentioned how he was considering signing-up to BorrowMyDoggy to help give his kids some happy, dog playtime as they can’t have a dog of their own. We absowoofly love hearing the many different reasons for people signing up to BorrowMyDoggy, and we can understand why his kids would love to have some pooch play time.

Thank you so much to David and BBC Three Counties Radio for having Rikke on the show and woofing about BorrowMyDoggy. To listen to Rikke’s pawsome interview with David, then simply follow this link and go to 1:39:50 :)

Best woofs,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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