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The Benefits of Borrowing a Doggy

Dogs are a mans best friend for a reason, and there are many wagnificant benefits to spending time with them.

Dogs are a mood booster

Three quarters of people say that spending time with dogs makes them happy when they are feeling sad, high paws! Spending between 15-30 minutes with a lovable pooch can leave you feeling more relaxed and calm.

- Furry friends can help your fitness

Nearly all dog owners have admitted they wouldn’t walk anywhere near as often if they didn’t have a furry friend wanting a walk. So come rain or shine, dog walkers are out there first thing in the morning and last thing at night, walking on average an extra hour a day compared to people without dogs.

- Pooches are great at improving your social life

Not only do we become more sociable when we have a doggy in our lives, but we also become less shy. Nearly half of all dog owners have found it easier to make friends since owning a dog, how labradorable! By looking after a dog that requires lots of responsibility and commitment we learn to be patient, caring and thoughtful.

Seeing as dogs put us in a good mood, make us fitter and improve our social life they really are the pawfect companions to have around :) Why not go onto BorrowMyDoggy today to leave Pawprints of Happiness on the lives of dogs and humans. 

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