Tips for finding your pawfect doggy to borrow
BorrowMyDoggy guides1 March 2023Tips for finding your pawfect doggy to borrow

Tips for finding your pawfect doggy to borrow

You’ve created your profile, high paws and welcome to BorrowMyDoggy! So what’s next? Finding a pooch to borrow of course! So how can you go about finding your pawfect match?

Your profile

Your profile is the first thing that owners will see, so it’s important that it’s full of lots of detail and information about you and your love for dogs. Want to make your profile as pawsome as possible? Check out our top tips for your borrower profile.

Search filters

Adjusting your search filters can help you find your pawfect match, and can help you search in a number of ways.

You can sort your searches by nearest, newest, last updated or most active. You can often find those looking for a match by sorting by “Most active”, “Newest” or “Last updated”.

sort criteria

If you are wanting to find a dog that’s available at a particular time, like weekdays or weekends, you can tick the boxes on  ‘Available on’.


Our other search filters include dog size, what a dog is good with (children, dogs, cats) and more, so why not take a look on your search page and adjust some to help you on your search. If you need any help with this, then be sure to get in touch with our friendly help team.

dog criteria

Activity Scale

Our activity scale is a good way to see how often members are on the site and replying to messages. But don’t rule out potential dogs and owners if they aren’t as active though, it might just be that they haven’t been sent a message recently.

activity scale


Liking a dog lets an owner know that you think their pooch is wagtastic, and that you’re interested in spending time with them! It’s worth noting you can only like profiles via the website and not on the app at the moment (our tech team are working their tails off to add this feature so watch this space!)

To like a dog, go to their profile and click the little heart just below their pics. The heart will turn pink once you have favourited them. Keep an eye out for new pooches in your area and like any you think you might want to help.


Go premium

Basic memberships on BorrowMyDoggy are an important way for new members to have a look around and see if there are people they want to message in their area. Once members decide they want to message owners, and meet some pawsome pooches, they need to become Premium members.

Why do I need to be a premium member?

Safety is our top priority at BorrowMyDoggy. Premium membership includes safety verification, insurance (for both the dog and third party) and access to our 24/7 Vet Line. So to keep our community safe, you can’t message or meet anyone until you’re a premium member and have all this set up.

Not only can you message owners with your premium membership, but because they know you’ve been through all the safety checks, and the insurance and vetline are in place, owners are much more likely to message you too!

To become premium, log in to your profile and click ‘Go Premium now’.


Sending a message to an owner and their dog is the ideal opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why you think you could be their pooch’s pawfect borrower.

Once you’re a premium member, to message an owner, go to their profile and click ‘Send message’ on desktop and ‘Message’ on the app.

Want help with writing the pawfect message? Check out our top tips for messaging doggies and their owners.

You’re welcome to message anyone you like, basic or premium, but if the owner is a basic member they’ll need to complete our safety checks in order to personally reply, and although this can sometimes take a little while, owners often go premium and get in touch after seeing a message from a borrower who would love to spend time their pooch You can tell if an owner is premium from the gold ‘Premium’ banner and crown.

premium member

And be sure to send multiple messages. Through BorrowMyDoggy a lot of people meet breeds and ages of dogs they might not have considered before and end up making the best of furiends.

The ‘Welcome Woof’

Once you've messaged with a pawtential match, got to know them and feel comfortable, you’re ready to schedule your first meet and greet, the ‘Welcome Woof’.

This is a wagtastic opportunity for an owner, borrower, and pooch to get to know each other, and share important details. Find out more about the ‘Welcome Woof’.

We hope this helps you find your pawfect match, but if you need any help check out our FAQs or contact our help team.

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