Tips for finding your pawfect doggy to borrow
BorrowMyDoggy guides17 April 2018Tips for finding your pawfect doggy to borrow

Tips for finding your pawfect doggy to borrow

So you’ve created your profile and you’re wondering what’s next? We’re here to give you a helping paw on how to find your pawfect match.

Your profile is the first thing that owners will see, so make sure there’s lots of detail and information about you and your love for dogs.

Go premium

  • Owners prefer to get in touch with and be messaged by fully verified, premium borrowers, so becoming a premium member, and completing our verification process, will increase your chances of finding borrowers.
  • To begin verification, log in to your profile and click ‘Go Premium now’ on the right hand side of the page.
  • Learn more about verification by following this link.
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Sending a message to an owner and their dog is the pawfect opportunity to explain why you think you’re right for them and show that you're really interested.

  • To message an owner, go to their profile and click ‘Send a message’ at the bottom.
  • Owners can choose whether they’d like to be contacted by borrowers first, so if this button doesn’t appear, it means you’ll just have to sit tight and keep your paws crossed they get in touch (you should absowoofly favourite them in the meantime).
  • For tips on sending the best message, follow this link.
  • When choosing which members to message, bear in mind only premium verified owners can reply - here's how to tell if a dog is verified.
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Liking a dog notifies the owner via email that you’re interested in spending time with their pooch, whatever your membership status.

  • To like a dog, go to their profile and click the little heart on the right-hand side of the page. The heart will turn pink once you have favourited them.
  • Keep an eye out for new pooches in your area (we send out an email every Wednesday with this information) and like any you think you can help.
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Search filters

Adjusting your search filters can help you find a pawfect borrower.

  • You can sort your searches in a number of ways. While it’s tempting to search for those that are nearest, you can often find the most active owners and those looking for match by sorting by “Newest” or “Recently updated”.
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  • If you look for a particular time when dogs can be borrowed, like weekends or weekday evenings you can use select by availability.
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  • There are a wide variety of search filters so why not adjust some to help you on your search.

Activity Scale

  • Want to see how likely an owner is to reply to your message? Our feature, ‘The Activity Scale’, does just that! You’ll see it on every member’s profile so you can decide if you’d like to send them a message.
  • Don’t rule potential dogs and owners if they aren’t as active, they may not have received a message recently.
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What’s next? The ‘Welcome Woof!’

Once you've messaged with a pawtential match and feel comfortable, you’re ready to schedule your first meet and greet, the ‘Welcome Woof’.

  • This is a wagtastic opportunity for the owner, borrower, and dog to get to know each other, and share important details.
  • Read our blog ‘7 tips for your 'Welcome Woof'’ to ensure everyone has the best time pawsible.

Good luck on your search - our paws are crossed you do find your pawfect match soon. If you need any further check out our FAQs or contact our help team.

Best woofs,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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