Lost for words? Messaging tips for Owners
BorrowMyDoggy guides1 March 2023Lost for words? Messaging tips for Owners

Lost for words? Messaging tips for Owners

You’ve set up your profile, and have found some wagtastic borrowers in your area, so now is the time to send them a message.

Messaging potential borrowers is the ideal opportunity to find out whether they could be the pawfect match for you and your dog.

But we get it, sending the first message can be a little nerve-wrecking so we've put together a messaging guide to help you find the perfect match for your dog.

Messaging Borrowers - DOs

  • Personalise messages - let borrowers know you’ve read their profile, and why you think they’d be pawfect for your pooch.
  • Discuss availability - chatting from the start about when you’re looking for a bit of support can really help you to find a compatible match, even if it’s on your profile as well.
  • Be patient - just like you, borrowers can be busy, so don’t expect a response straight away, give them time.
  • Reply - even if you don’t think a borrower would be a good match, or if you already have enough borrowers reply to a borrower to let them know. If you are not looking for a borrower at the moment, or are getting too many messages, here’s how to set your profile to not looking.
  • Check their membership - If a borrower isn’t premium they won’t be able to reply to you yet. But some are just waiting for a message from an owner with a pawsome pooch to upgrade.
  • Have an open mind - It’s worth chatting to a borrower even if you don’t think they are exactly what you had in mind. There are lots of amazing borrowers out there, and messaging them and having a chat is the best way to find out more about them.
messaging do's

Messaging Borrowers - DON’Ts

  • Talk too much about yourself - So of course borrowers want to find out more about you and your gorgeous pooch, but it’s great to ask some questions about them as well.
  • Treat borrowers like paid dog care -  Borrowers look after pooches purely for the love of dogs and don’t get paid for their time. This means they might not be able to help out everyday or at the last minute.
  • Only message a few borrowers - the more borrowers you message the more opportunities you have to get to know someone pawsome, and find your dog’s pawfect match.  You can always have more than one borrower too!
  • Write too much - It’s great to introduce yourself and let an owner know why you think their pooch is pawsome, but if your message is too long then they might not read it all the way through. Just think, if someone sent me this would I read it all?  If you wouldn’t, then it’s probably a bit too long.
  • Miss opportunities - if you don’t think a borrower can help right now, but maybe could in the future, let them know and keep in touch.
  • Overshare - there will be time on a ‘Welcome Woof’ to tell a potential borrower more info about what you’re looking for and your situation.
  • Leave it to the last minute - BorrowMyDoggy is all about building relationships, so your dog is comfortable with a borrower. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to make this connection so your borrower, yourself and your pooch are all happy when it’s time to borrow.

When you've messaged a potential match, got to know them and feel comfortable, the next step is to schedule your first meet and greet, the ‘Welcome Woof’. We’re sure you’ll find a pawsome match soon!

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