Dog owner advice | Ambassador Q&A
BorrowMyDoggy guides8 November 2021Tips and advice to using BorrowMyDoggy as dog owner, from a BorrowMyDoggy owner, Samantha

Dog owner advice | Ambassador Q&A

Samantha adopted her pup, Chusco, towards the end of 2020, and joined BorrowMyDoggy shortly after. With restrictions easing, she found herself needing a helping hand with dog care as she was going back to the office. Sam was looking for more personalised dog care than a kennel or doggy day care, as she knew that Chusco wouldn’t enjoy either, and she needed some help as Chusco wouldn't take well to being left alone. Sam says:

“BorrowMyDoggy seemed like a great option as I was looking for people to provide company in a home environment”
BorrowMyDoggy dog, Chusco

We asked Sam what kernels of wisdom she’d give to those thinking of joining our community, and we hope you will find her words as valuable as we do!

1. What would your advice be to those thinking about joining BorrowMyDoggy?

It’s best to be completely upfront and open about what each side is looking for. You’re more likely to find great matches more efficiently that way.

I’ve met some lovely people on BorrowMyDoggy and my dog is so much calmer around new people and being away from me because of it.

I started this thinking: “my dog is amazing. Of course people would love to spend the day with him”. However, my dog is old and so isn’t very active. Therefore, he isn’t a great fit for people who love going for long walks. He gets 10 steps out the door and that’s enough for him! It’s a great experience but just be aware that you may not to find someone on your first meet up.

2. Is it important for you to develop a relationship with your borrower?

Yes, it’s very important. Your dog is a member of the family. You wouldn’t leave your child with a stranger and it’s the same with your dog. I wanted to make sure that I trusted the borrower before I left him with them.

BorrowMyDoggy dog, Chusco, in a cute raincoat

I was very nervous the first time I left him with someone but was reassured with a photo a few hours later of him fast asleep. I like to have a catch-up with the borrowers when I drop him off and when I pick him up. It helps me build up a relationship with them. I’ve even learnt some things from them about my dog which I can then mention if we meet new borrowers to make that relationship work better.

3. Have you felt safe using BorrowMyDoggy and meeting up with other members?

I’ve never had any concerns meeting other members. We will always have our first meeting in a public area like a park. That way if there are any concerns, you can just walk away.

Also, I always make sure that I have visited the person’s house before they look after Chusco for the first time.

It helps him settle when I do drop him off as he’s been there before. It also just gives me peace of mind that the house is safe and he’ll be happy there. Borrowers are happy to give me a tour and often point out where they’ll be during the day and where they think they’ll set him up.

We hope you enjoyed this Q&A with Ambassador Samantha! Thank you to Sam for her honesty, helpful tips on finding a pawfect match, and how to use BorrowMyDoggy!

If you would like to share your experience with us, or have any advice you want to share with fellow members, do reach out, we’re always happy to hear from you!

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