Found a borrower? Make sure you share your Borrowing Info
BorrowMyDoggy guides1 March 2023Found a borrower? Make sure you share your Doggy Info Sheet

Found a borrower? Make sure you share your Borrowing Info

High paws, you’ve found a borrower for your doggy!

After your extensive search, you’ve had meet ups with someone you really like and trust, and you’re ready for your pooch and borrower to venture out on their own.

It’s sure to be lots of fun, and we know the two of them will get on great but first, have you remembered to share your Doggy Info Sheet?

What is the Doggy Info Sheet?

The Doggy Info Sheet lets you share information with your borrower that tells them who to contact and what to do if they have any questions.  Don’t worry if you haven’t shared it yet, it’s really simple to do. 

Just click Update and share from the options on the conversation page? and follow the steps to check everything is up to date and send it on to your new borrower.

update and share your doggy info sheet

Your  Doggy Info Sheet should include:

  • Your contact info and a next of kin contact
  • Contact info for your dog’s vet
  • Your dog’s likes, as well as any naughty habits you think you should share with your borrower!
  • Your dog’s walking habits
  • What your dog likes to eat

doggy info sheet part 1

doggy info sheet part 2

Why is the Doggy Info Sheet so important?

This document, once complete and shared with a borrower, gives your borrower easy access to your emergency contact details, including your dog’s local vet and other useful information.

Your borrower may know all of this already, but just in the unlikely event of an emergency they will have all this information saved on their BorrowMyDoggy account and they can always print a copy too.

If you ever have any questions about BorrowMyDoggy or the Doggy Info Sheet, just get in touch with your pawsome Help Team!

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