3 Tips for creating your dog's perfect profile
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3 Tips for creating your dog's perfect profile

We’re so excited to have you as part of the BorrowMyDoggy community, because it’s our members that make our platform pawsome. But maybe we can help to make your experience even better?

The first thing borrowers see when looking for a dog to borrow is your pooch’s profile, so it’s very impawtent to give them all the info they need to see if they could be your pawfect match.

Telling them all about your pup’s personality and needs, can help you find someone that will treat your dog like one of the family. So let’s check our 3 top tips to make the pawfect profile for your dog.

1. Make your first impression count

Profiles with photos are 15 times more likely to receive likes and messages, and since you can add up to five pictures of your pooch pal, make sure to put a few pics up.

Photos that show their faces clearly are great. As extra photos you can add ones where they’re playing with their favourite toy or in their favourite place.

Your dog is gorgeous and pictures of them can really show their pawsonality. And if you have more than one dog on your profile be sure to have a group shot or individual photos of them all.

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Make it personal

Borrowers love to learn about your dog so be sure to tell them all about your pooch’s personality, favourite things and what it is that makes them unique.

If your dog needs someone with a good bit of experience because they’ve had a tough time, then say that on your profile, it can really help you find the right person.

If you need more ideas why not write about:

  • Does your dog have any quirks or interesting habits?
  • How much exercise do they like?
  • What is the pawfect walk for your pup?
  • Do they like spending time with other dogs, children or other animals?
  • What are you looking for on BorrowMyDoggy?

Make your profile clear and keep it up to date

If you have really clear times you need help be sure to put that into your profile. It makes it much easier for borrowers to know if you would be a good match for when they can help.  And be sure to update your profile if your schedule changes.

Always remember that borrowers aren’t paid dog walkers, so if you’re needing a lot of support you might need more than one. Also you need to make sure you have time to build up a relationship with a borrower, so pop any dates on your profile, and start messaging early for any upcoming trips!

Now that you have the pawfect profile, why not check out these tips for messaging borrowers.

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