Top 5 Most Active Dog Breeds

If your idea of a great time is being outdoors and active with your dog, have a look at the five most active four-legged companions that will follow you wherever you go:

Australian Shepherds

To be happy, Aussies need more than a walk around the block. Fetching a frisbee for hours is their favourite game. Learn more about Australian Shepherds here.

English Springer Spaniels

Springer Spaniels love making a splash in your local pond. If not exercised daily, they can develop anxiety problems. Learn more about Springer Spaniels here.

Border Collies

Play fetch with Collies and they’ll quickly bond with you. They really excel at learning new tricks. Learn more about Border Collies here.

Russell Terriers

Their endless energy is perfect for outdoorsy people. They’ll prefer a game of chase over jogging alongside you.


This furry buddy will run at your side for miles. Be aware that they might become distressed if they don’t get enough activity. Learn more about Weimaraners here. 

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