Daphne's borrowers Wyne & Eloise

"We've both grown up with dogs and, since living in London, have missed the joy they bring. We work full time in demanding jobs, so having one of our own seemed unkind.

We signed up for Borrow My Doggy in June 2017 after we both experienced periods of ill health as a result of stress at work. We quickly had a lot of responses, but mostly for sporadic dog walking. We changed our profile to reflect what we really wanted - a committed long-term relationship with a dog and it's owner. We then found Kate and her beautiful girl, Daphne. After lots of chats via the message service, we arranged to meet. It was love at first sight! We took Daphne for a day, then slowly graduated to sleep overs, every weekend and, next week, are about to go on hollibobs for 2 weeks!

Daphne has become the love of our lives and Kate has become a good friend. We take better care of ourselves as a result and are loving life again." - Daphne's borrowers, Wyne & Eloise

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