Arlo and his borrower Charley

"I signed up for BorrowMyDoggy at the start of 2017. I'd had a tough few months and not having my own dog I felt my destress walks were just empty without a canine companion. I was also new to the area and didn't know anyone and thought this could be a great way to meet my neighbours. I wasn't getting much response at first, and soon I became too busy to be able to walk a dog in my spare time. But one day I got a message from Edie and Arlo. We met up and went for a little stroll in the local field where I got to learn more about them and instantly clicked with them both. I felt like I have known them for ages! I now walk with Edie and her comical dog, Arlo. There is never a dull moment on our walks. Honestly, you couldn't write the sort of antics Arlo gets himself into. He is hilarious! Not only does he make me smile, he is also very loving and he's always happy to see me. I will always be grateful that I signed up for BorrowMyDoggy earlier this year because I wouldn't have met this absolutely nutty, but wonderful pair! Edie and Arlo will always be very special and dear friends to me!" Arlo's borrower, Charley

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