Understand Dog Ownership Before Adopting a Rescue Dog

BorrowMyDoggy is a great way to familiarise yourself with dog ownership before getting a dog.

If you’re considering rescuing or adopting a dog in the UK or Ireland, joining BorrowMyDoggy is a great first step to better understand the responsibilities and resources needed when owning a dog full time.

Because dog ownership requires a significant investment, joining BorrowMyDoggy has several important benefits for those considering getting a dog:

  • Get to know what kind of emotional, financial and time commitment is needed
  • Understand different breeds’ unique behaviours and needs

Families Considering Adopting a Rescue Dog

Tracey joined BorrowMyDoggy so her children, who’ve been asking for a dog of their own for years, could finally enjoy some happy dog time. They matched with owner Max and his two Cavaliers, George and Milo, and it turned out to be the pawfect match.

Becoming a BorrowMyDoggy borrower is particularly helpful for families who are thinking about getting their first dog. Steve joined BorrowMyDoggy so his children could spend time with a dog and matched with Cider, a Wheaten Terrier. After spending several months as borrowers, Steve’s family were finally ready for a dog of their own and because of their wonderful experience with Cider, they went with a Wheaten Terrier.

“Cider loves my kids. They’re desperate for a dog, and this is the perfect way of them getting some doggy time.” - Steve, Cider’s Borrower

Couples Considering Adopting a Rescue Dog

BorrowMyDoggy members Katherine and Peter also wanted to get a dog, but as they had never owned one before, they joined BorrowMyDoggy to familiarise themselves with dog ownership. After several months of taking care of local dogs as BorrowMyDoggy borrowers, they finally felt comfortable and confident to get a dog of their own, George the Daschund. Peter and Katherine continue to be BorrowMyDoggy members, now as owners, and feel that George is a very happy, well socialised and trained dog thanks to their BorrowMyDoggy matches.

Most dog owners cannot be with their dogs all of the time due to work and family commitments. There are also many dog lovers who cannot currently own a dog of their own because of time, space, or resources. Thankfully, many of these dog lovers are BorrowMyDoggy borrowers and would love to volunteer their time to take local dogs for one on one dog sitting.

Borrowers who join BorrowMyDoggy do so for their love of dogs, not to get paid. At the same time, BorrowMyDoggy owners get peace of mind knowing their dog is enjoying extra exercise and dog care from a verified, insured dog lover who loves dogs as much as they do.

We take safety and security very seriously and believe that dogs truly are family members and as such, BorrowMyDoggy is all about getting to know other dog lovers really well before making a match. Just as you would with a dog walker or dog sitter, it's super important to know each other well before a dog is taken care off by another person. Everyone, including the dog, needs to feel happy and trust each other since each pooch and person is different. We also provide identity verification, insurance and a 24/7 Vet Line.

If you want the chance to better understand the time commitment, cost and responsibility of owning a dog, sign up to BorrowMyDoggy and begin messaging pawtential matches in your area.

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