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How the Welcome Woof Works

Once owners and borrowers have successfully matched and feel ready to meet each other, then they can em-bark on their first meeting, the Welcome Woof :) This is a great opportunity for borrowers to have a sniff around and meet the doggies and their owners for the first time, and it gives owners the chance to get to know the borrower and see how their pooch behaves around the potential borrower.

We suggest that the welcome woof is done in a public place (parks and coffee shops are pawfect places); so that either party can leave whenever they want. If either party wants to bring a friend, family member or partner along with them to the Welcome Woof then that is absowoofly fine, just let the owner or borrower know out of politeness.

Please let the BorrowMyDoggy team know when you’re planning to go on your Welcome Woof, as we cover the first meeting with our insurance.

If you feel that the first Welcome Woof went well, then you can arrange to meet up as many times as you want again before the doggy is borrowed.

We also recommend you visit each others homes, including for the owners to take their doggy to the borrowers home to check they are comfortable being there. This should be easy, as you do live locally to each other, and is especially important for matches where the owner is going on holiday.

If at any point during the process you are unhappy about the situation, then there is no pressure for you to continue any further. It is important for everyone to be happy with the arrangement, for it to be a real win-win (or a woof-woof) for all parties. Borrowers, before you meet with any owners, please make sure that your home is safe for dogs.

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