Preparing for a Welcome Woof | borrower tips
BorrowMyDoggy guides8 September 2021How to prepare for a welcome woof, illustration of people meeting with a dog by their feet

Preparing for a Welcome Woof | borrower tips

You may be nervous to meet an owner and their dog from BorrowMyDoggy for the first time and keen to make a great first impression. We want you to build long-lasting, trusting relationships with the owner and their dogs and your first meeting, or ‘Welcome Woof’ as we like to call it, is key to starting off strong.

We want all our members to feel confident using the service so we have compiled our top tips for your first introduction. Taken from the combined experience of our members and our individual experiences as borrowers and owners, this guide should leave you feeling prepared for your ‘Welcome Woof’. If you are left with questions then we encourage you as always to speak to our friendly Help Team.


You can arrange your Welcome Woof using the messaging feature on our website without having to exchange any personal details. We recommend meeting in a neutral, public space like a park where you can all feel comfortable and allow the dog to behave as it would normally on a walk.

Of course, this is dependent on what type of arrangement you are making with the owner. If there are factors that don’t allow for this then choose the next best thing that still allows you to get to know the owner and dog.


Before meeting them, let them know if you are bringing another person who is not included in your profile. This is just a nice way of giving them a heads up on what to expect. This starts you off right, with open and honest communication which brings up to tip 3…

Communicate your expectations

Open communication between you and the owner will ensure there is minimal misunderstanding and neither party will be let down in future. You should discuss your expectations and boundaries for what you both want to get out of BorrowMyDoggy. You can discuss things like:

  1. Your availability - is it regular or sporadic?
  2. Are you happy to be called on at the last minute for care?
  3. What is your purpose on BorrowMyDoggy (if you haven’t already discussed this)

Once you are both on the same page, let the fun begin!

Two people standing closely together with a Golden Retriever by their feet

Bonding Time

Bonding with the dog during the ‘Welcome Woof’ is useful to both you and the owner. You will be able to establish the dog’s individual quirks and qualities whilst seeing how the two of you get on. Find out more about what motivates the dog whether that is food or toys and what training is it currently going through and how can you continue this. Generally speaking, this is your chance to see the dog in action and its behaviour, so you aren’t caught by surprise when you are first alone with it.


We have already mentioned communication but the last thing we want to mention is what to do if the meet up doesn’t go to plan. If you feel that the match isn’t working for you or you have different availability, then let the owner know. If you think there is something wrong and you want to discuss your experience with us, please do! Our Help Team is happy to listen to you and find a way to help you. Whether this is reaching out to the owner about your experience or helping you find a more suited match.

We hope you have a great first meeting and that the welcome woof is no longer a mystery to you! Let us know if you think there is a tip we could include that you have found useful or works well in your experience.

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