Author Profile - Sarah Colegrave
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Author Profile - Sarah Colegrave

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Sarah Colegrave is a skilled veterinary surgeon specialising in canine care. Graduating from the University of Cambridge in 1989, she joined Mill House Veterinary Hospital in King's Lynn and has remained there for the majority of her career. After balancing part-time work while raising her children, Sarah returned full-time, obtaining her certificate in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care. In 2016, she assumed the role of Clinical Director when the practice merged with IVC Evidensia. With a passion for surgery, emergency care, and critical care, Sarah takes pride in her contributions to the practice and finds fulfillment in areas such as laparoscopy, anaesthesia, and soft tissue surgery. She is enthusiastic about the opportunities that come with being part of a larger group, such as elevating clinical standards through the sharing of best practices and nurturing the potential of veterinary professionals. Recognizing her expertise, Sarah was elected to the Clinical Board in 2018 and actively serves on the Patient Safety sub-committee.

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