Author Profile - Rosie Bescoby
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Author Profile - Rosie Bescoby

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Rosie Bescoby, a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, is a dedicated advocate for dogs and their wellbeing. With her extensive expertise, she shares valuable insights and practical tips to enhance the lives of our canine companions.

Rosie's qualifications speak for themselves. She holds a degree in Zoology & Psychology from the University of Bristol, as well as a Post-Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southampton University. As an ASAB Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist, she is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and the Professional Association of Canine Trainers. Moreover, she is registered as both a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and an Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council, the esteemed regulatory body representing trainers and behaviourists to both the public and legislative bodies.

Having had the privilege of working alongside renowned Clinical Animal Behaviourists, Rosie continuously hones her skills through seminars, conferences, and practical handling workshops. Her commitment to ongoing professional development ensures she remains at the forefront of her field.

Rosie's influence extends to various spheres. She collaborates closely with over 20 local veterinary practices, providing invaluable guidance to clients grappling with behavioural challenges in their pets. Her expertise has been shared with undergraduate veterinary students at a prominent UK university, where she served as a teacher. As a guest lecturer, she imparts her knowledge to veterinary students, vet nurse students, and aspiring professionals in the field of animal behaviour and training. Rosie also takes on the responsibility of assessing dogs for child adoption or fostering, legal cases, school programs, and rescue efforts.

Beyond her direct work with animals, Rosie's contributions to the field of animal behaviour are extensive. She regularly contributes to pet owner and veterinary magazines, including peer-reviewed journals. Her insights have graced television and radio platforms, and she collaborates with prominent corporations. Rosie's invaluable expertise has been channeled as a behavioural advisor at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, where she not only worked hands-on with animals but also conducted staff training. Additionally, she conducts staff training for veterinary practices, emphasising low-stress handling techniques and puppy training.

While Rosie is undeniably dedicated to her profession, she also finds joy in spending time with her family. She cherishes moments with her two boys, Jack and Charlie, and shares her life with her husband Sam, an equine veterinary surgeon. Spice and Jaffa, their cherished dogs, along with Holly and Fearne, their feline companions, complete their loving household. The family also tends to a flock of sheep and a lively group of chickens.

Rosie Bescoby's expertise lies in animal behaviour, and her specialisations encompass a wide range of topics, including separation anxiety and dog training. With a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the canine mind, she offers practical guidance to dog owners, ensuring the optimal health and happiness of their beloved furry friends.

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