Author Profile - Nicola Earnshaw
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Author Profile - Nicola Earnshaw

About Nicola Earnshaw (formerly Hartley)


Nicola Earnshaw, an esteemed Veterinary Surgeon, radiates an unwavering devotion to canines. With a remarkable 12-year track record, she has positively impacted numerous pet owners in Midlothian. Nicola's commitment to advancing the wellbeing of dogs and all pets is showcased through her dedication to sharing invaluable insights and tips. Her impressive academic journey includes graduating from The University of Liverpool in 2011, followed by nine years of experience in mixed and small animal practice. Afterward, she imparted her knowledge at Writtle University College as a lecturer for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In February 2022, Nicola's expertise led her to join the small animal general practice at the University of Edinburgh. Her infectious passion for all aspects of small animal first opinion veterinary practice is evident, and she aspires to inspire the next generation of veterinary students. In August 2020, Nicola completed a Masters in Conservation Medicine at the University, further fueling her research interests in sustainability within small animal practice and the health and welfare of working dogs in conservation. With her vast experience and holistic approach, Nicola is pawsitively poised to make a lasting impact in the field.

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