Author Profile - Cheryl Driskell
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Author Profile - Cheryl Driskell

About Cheryl Driskell


Cheryl Driskell, an esteemed Veterinary Surgeon and Clinical Director, exudes a fervent devotion to dogs. With an impressive tenure spanning nearly 30 years, she has positively impacted countless pet owners in East Yorkshire. Cheryl's unwavering dedication lies in sharing invaluable insights and tips to enhance the overall wellbeing of dogs and all cherished companions.

Having qualified from Liverpool in the nineties, Cheryl has spent her career immersed in small animal practice. Her professional journey has taken her to various locations, including Leicester, North Wales, and Maidenhead, before finally settling in Yorkshire at Priory in 2000. As a general practitioner, Cheryl finds immense joy in her work, especially because she has had the privilege of nurturing longstanding relationships with both owners and their beloved pets over the years.

Outside her veterinary pursuits, Cheryl relishes spending quality time with her two boys. You'll often find her cheering them on as they engage in spirited cricket or rugby matches. Adding feline charm to their lives, Cheryl and her family are also proud guardians of two beautiful cats, Ellie and Daphne.

With her extensive experience and genuine passion for the welfare of animals, Cheryl is a "top dog" when it comes to providing exceptional care and valuable advice to pet owners.

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