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On Sunday 10th May we joined forces with DOSE, the fitness and wellbeing online platform dedicated to get your happy hormones firing. We hosted a live Instagram event which had everything from High Intensity Hounds to Recipaws bake along. We understand not everyone could make it so we’ve saved everything from the event and shared it below! 

Feel free to relive the event and let us know if you enjoyed it - we definitely did! Hopefully we can host more events in the future. 

Introduction from editor and co-founder of DOSE, Hettie Holmes 

High Intensity Hounds with Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, Naomi Heffernan

Chat with Hettie Holmes all about oxytocin and the love hormones. 

DOGA with doga founder, Mahny Djahanguiri

Q&A with veterinary surgeon Alexis Hughes

Many thanks to our pawsome pals at My Family Vets for helping us arrange our Q&A!

Dog friendly baking with BorrowMyDoggy team member, Olatz 

Many thanks to all of those that took part, and for DOSE to helping us with this event!

New sprinkles

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