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#PickOfThePack Emma and Floyd

It’s time for another pawsome #PickOfThePack where we follow a BorrowMyDoggy borrower’s day with their favourite borrowed pup. Today we’ve got a sneak peek of borrower Emma and her lovely borrowed dog Floyd’s day. Take a look below to see what they got up to.

10:30am: Time to pick up Floyd, we’re going to be busy as a bees today!

“Where’s Emma? Is that her? Wait, that’s her!”

10:45am: I’ve picked up Floyd and we’re ready for our day together, but first… Selfie!

“There best be some treats after this…”

11:00am  Walkies time!

“Wait… Wassis?!”

11:15am: “What’s going on here? Such lightweights!”

11:40am: Time for a mid-walkies break.

“Emma, don’t you think that cloud looks like a yummy, yummy bone? Mmmm…”

12:15pm: We’re always swanning around…

“Fancy a swim Emma?”

12:45pm: That was a great fun Floyd, time for selfie to mark the end of our walkies!

“This best be my good angle…”

2:00pm: Lunch for me, a few treats for Floyd and now nap time.

“Enjoying… My… Snoooooze…”

2:30pm: I think I might have tired Floyd out! But it’s always nice to end our day together with a few sleepy snuggles.

“She always keeps us busy… I’m flat out!”

It looks like Emma and Floyd had such a pawsome day together, and it’s great to see what our borrowers get up to day to day. If you’d like to be our next #PickOfThePack get in touch with us here.

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