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Happy Mother's Day from BorrowMyDoggy!

Mums are super special - whether they’re two legged or four. They’ve helped shape us into the pawsome people we are today. To celebrate their special day, here are 8 adorable and very relatable mummy and puppy photos.

BorrowMyDoggy Belgian Shepherd puppy and mum
#DoggyMember Sheba and Merlot

It’s a big world out there… Where would we be without our mums showing us the way?

BorrowMyDoggy fluffy puppy with mum
#DoggyMember Nina and Barley

The all too familiar: “You get your good looks from me”

BorrowMyDoggy Siberian Husky pup and mum
#DoggyMember Spot and Robyn

Whether you’re still a pup or a full grown dog our mums will never stop watching over us.

BorrowMyDoggy Labrador pup and Labrador mum
#DoggyMember Milly and Maggie

We all had those grumpy teenage years where we’d do anything not to be seen out with mum…

BorrowMyDoggy Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup and mum
#DoggyMember Luna and Lexi

But she’s always there to give us a cuddle when we might be feeling down

BorrowMyDoggy cavapoo puppy and mum
#DoggyMember Oscar and Lily

When you start realising that you like the same things that your mum does…

BorrowMyDoggy Lhasa Apso pup and mum
#DoggyMember Daisy and Coco

And you may start realising that you’re slowly turning into your mum…

BorrowMyDoggy spaniels
#DoggyMember Lily and Daisy

But that doesn’t matter because we can’t help but love our mums and everything they do to make us happy!

Happy Mother’s Day pups! We hope you have a wooftastic day with your furry and human friends. If you need a last minute present, why not take a look at our gift vouchers or our pawsome shop?

Woofs and tail wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy team

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