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#PickOfThePack & Walk All Over Cancer - Holly & Frisco

Our borrowers often share how looking after a dog has meant that both they and their borrowed dog are getting extra exercise. So when Cancer Research UK got in touch with us with their 10,000 step challenge to Walk All Over Cancer, we thought we’d show how both our communities can easily reach their goal with the help of a furry friend!

We’re following borrower Holly and her adorable borrowed pooch, Frisco, on their wooftastic day of reaching over 10,000 steps. See what they got up to below:

BorrowMyDoggy dog being borrowed
(413/10,000 steps)

10:45am - “Is that Holly?… I wonder what we’ll get up to today? Lots of walkies I hope!” (413/10,000 steps)

BorrowMyDoggy dog borrowed
(859/10,000 steps)

11:15am - Me and Frisco are off on our walk now, we’ve got lots of steps to fit in! 

BorrowMyDoggy and Fitbit
(1,070/10,000 steps)

11:25am - We’ve started well, with the help of my FitBit tracking our walk, I can check on our progress! 

BorrowMyDoggy borrower with borrowed dog
(5,365/10,000 steps)

12:00pm - Time for a quick rest and a cheeky selfie, we’re already halfway there - yay! 

BorrowMyDoggy dog selfie
(6,123/10,000 steps)

12:05pm - Is that…. A… SQUIRREL?! Chase mode activated… 

BorrowMyDoggy dog with FitBit
(8,954/10,000 steps)

12:45pm - A great walk Frisco! We’re so close to hitting our goal, time for a reward I think... 

BorrowMyDoggy dog in Pets at Home
(9,681/10,000 steps)

1:05pm - A well deserved treat for Frisco… A visit to Pets at Home! Of course, he’s headed straight for the dog food!


BorrowMyDoggy dog being walked

1:25pm - Time to head home for a little nap for Frisco and lunch for me, and just in time, we’ve hit 10,000 steps!

1:45pm - We made it home safe and sound. We’ve gone above and beyond 10,000 steps Frisco - well done us! Maybe we could have signed up to the super stepper challenge…

2:15pm - Time to get comfy and have some quality snuggle time with Frisco, we both deserve it!

What a pawsome day Holly and Frisco had. They did a great job walking 10,000 steps and it’s easier that you think - so why not join them? Borrow a doggy today and sign up to Walk All Over Cancer to walk 10,000 steps every day in March to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. The money you raise will help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

Share with us and Cancer Research UK how your step challenge is going by using the hashtags #WalkAllOverCancer and #BorrowMyDoggy we always love seeing your photos. Wishing you the best of luck!

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