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#PickOfThePack - Heather and Teddy

We’re back with another #PickOfThePack - where we follow the day of a borrower and their borrowed dog. Today we’re following borrower Heather and her day, back in the summer, with Teddy, the Cavapoo. Take a look below to see what Teddy thought of the day!

“I love this 800 thread count Eygptian cotton malarkey, but she’s gonna make me get up... I can tell by the tone of her voice”

“This good-boy place rocks. I get free treats AND we get to go for walkies afterwards!! Winning!”

“Chiswick House and Gardens is da best. I can smell squirrels everywhere, but they keep hiding from me… Can we go and look at the swans now please?!”

“I can see some swans over there! Let me at them!”

“It’s time for fetch! Now, stop teasing me! Just throw it already!

“I don’t know why she makes me pose for these photos. I mean she even stopped a stranger to take it.!”

“Hurry up! It’s bloody boiling and I’m all warm from playing all that catch. I need to get to the river!”

“I’m knackered now. If I put this cute face on, she’ll give me a treat… And she may even take me to play with me new pal … Let’s see...”

“Yay! I get to play with Monza!”

“Post bath blow dry. Snuggling up in her Heather’s lap is just dreamy. I could literally stay here for hours...”

“Netflix and snuggles? Pawsome”

“Last walk of the evening. I have to say she is right about some things. This is just beautiful. Maybe I should bring Monza, here on a date one day… She’s kinda cute”

We hope you enjoyed seeing what Heather and Teddy got up to. We hope you feel inspired to had to head out with a borrowed dog or to join BorrowMyDoggy as an owner. 

Want to feature in our next #PickOfThePack? Email us at and we’ll let you know how to get involved

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