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#PickOfThePack Kelsey and Gracie

It’s time for another #PickOfThePack, we follow a borrower’s day of looking after a BorrowMyDoggy dog. Today, we have the gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Gracie and her lovely borrower, Kelsey. Take a look at the fun filled day below.

- When you haven’t seen your bestie in a month, so it’s warm cuddles and wet kisses all round.

12:00pm - True love = dogs bringing their toys to you. Gracie loves playing in the garden and giving me all her toys!

12:35pm - “Full speed ahead! It’s time to go to my favourite park, all these smells are coming back to me now!”

12:45pm - “Please throw that ball, I want to chase it. Kelsey stop taking photos and throw it!”

12:55pm - “When you find your twin in the park and with the same ball as you! Look at us go!”

1:00pm - “I want you to throw it, but I refuse to drop it. I’ll fight you for it!”

1:10pm - “Are you done taking pictures yet?! I want to play!”

And there was Gracie and Kelsey’s fun day out at the park! Want to feature in our next #PickOfThePack? Email us at and we’ll let you know how to get involved.

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