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August Breed of the Month - Whippets

It’s that time again where we celebrate our Breed of the Month. Without further ado here are some pawsome facts about Whippets.

Did you know?

  • Like Greyhounds, Whippets have a double suspension gallop. If you watch their run, at one point all four paws are on the ground the next they are in the air.
  • They’ve been mentioned in literature dated back to 1610.
  • It is believed that the Whippet is the descendant of the Greyhound and the Terrier.
  • They love to laze around, as well as run and sprint.
  • They have little body fat and therefore need an extra layer when winter comes round.

This gentle, graceful breed are not only known for their speed and determination but also for their affectionate nature. They tend to need at least half an hour of brisk walking each day and some free running. As a sighthound they will chase anything that they might consider prey.

Here are some of our Whippet members:

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