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6 natural remedies to get rid of fleas

There is nothing worse than seeing your beloved dog itching and scratching as they try tirelessly to rid itself of those pesky fleas. Try as they may, it is almost impossible for them to do it on their own. Luckily they have you to help them. Cindy Grant, a crazy fan of dogs, cats and founder of has contributed this pawsome post, read on to find out more.

For many pet owners they may contemplate using flea collars or flea treatments. Who can blame you? However, The harsh chemicals in a lot of flea repellants can be uncomfortable for dogs. So this is why Cindy has compiled a list of the top 6 natural remedies:

Doggy member Bessie

1.     Flea Comb

As obvious as it may sound this is arguably the most effective and natural way to rid them of fleas. Even when they aren't showing signs of an infestation, it is a good practice that can even help you and your dog to bond.

A quality comb can help you to rid your dog of the fleas, but also their larvae and eggs should they get in their fur.

2.     Apple Cider Vinegar

It sounds a little like an old wives tale but it is more effective than you may think. Mix a teaspoon into their bowl of water at the start of the day to keep their coat acidic.

This will be enough to put off fleas but remember to put it in water to dilute it and not apply directly onto your dogs’ coat, this can irritate them further.

3.     Keep It Clean

By this I don't mean your dog - that goes without saying surely?

I actually mean that you should clean your dog’s beds and surrounding area. Unwashed and dirty bedding whether it is an actual bed, blankets or whatever can be a haven for fleas. Wash it at a high temperature but also according to the guidelines on the items label.

Use a pet friendly detergent to ensure it is clean but safe and if the label allows you to put it in the dryer, this can help to kill off any unwanted miniature guests.

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4.      Hoover The House

This leads on nicely from our previous remedy.

Make sure you hoover wherever your dog walks around the house including all corners to be thorough. Your dog leaves a trail of it's own hair/fur around the home so it’s best to hoover regularly to remove this.

5.     Natural Shampoo

Yes, you can just grab a flea repellent shampoo but to turn an ordinary dog shampoo into a flea repellant one just  mix it with the juice of a lemon and dilute with water.

Rinse as you would usually and continue to use this method until the fleas have gone. Check by combining through with your hand or a flea comb.

6.      Coconut Oil

This seems to be the saving grace of many home needs. A natural flea repellant is another one to add to the list.

It is the lauric acid that the fleas do not like and to make sure it takes full effect massage it on your dog’s body all the way down to their skin. This is a good way of getting rid of fleas as once it has been applied, combing through the coconut oil will ensure the fleas aren't going anywhere and will be easily removed by your comb.

I wouldn’t recommend using this method more than once a week to stay on the safe side.

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There you have it, a handful of natural remedies that will help you to get rid of fleas in a safe and careful manner. Your furry friend will be pest free and ready to enjoy playtime and cuddles without all that itching.

If you ever have any concerns do contact your local vet or our 24/7 vetline.

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