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Top 10 Dog Instagrams to follow

Instagram is the perfect place to find your daily dose of fluffiness and cuteness – and we have to admit, some dogs on Instagram have the power to brighten up your day and lift your spirit like no others.

So if you need to step up your pet-stagram or just need more adorable content on your feed, why not take a look at some of the most wagulous dogs of Instagram this year.

1. Doug the Pug

One of the most famous dogs on the Internet, Doug is the self-proclaimed King of Pop. Pugs are Instagram users’ favourite breed, according to recent reports, but Doug crossed the line of fame and turned into a global icon. Doug has more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 10 million fans across all platforms.

Doug the Pug strengthen his parents relationship, put them in contact with celebrities and helped them develop a business. These days, you can buy a Doug the Pug colouring book, relax, and enjoy his adventures.

2. poochofnyc

There is no way you can keep a straight face while looking at Agador, the “Bob Ross of Dogs.” This fabulous cross between a Maltese and a poodle or a Maltipoo as their commonly known, has amazing hair and an attitude to match his looks. Thanks to his parents, who take their time dressing Agador up like a New York super star, the Pooch of New York is an Instagram sensation. Follow him around on his fabulous adventures and you will never be sad again!

3. Samsonthedood

Samson is a Goldendoodle who loves a rich breakfast in bed, read the newspapers, hit the gym for a workout session, and learning the ways of the Internet – when he is not reading all snuggled in blankets. We have to thank his parents for offering us high-quality photography, creative content, and our daily dose of fun. Don’t you sometimes wish to become a dog sitter or walker just to spend some time in the company of an amazing goldendoodle or other lovable pooches like him?

4. andrewknapp

Better than therapy, Momo’s snout and gaze are out of this world. If you do not want to make squeak noises every time you visit Instagram, do not follow Momo’s owner profile. On the other hand, if you want to join in the entertainment, creativity, and pure joy that represent his account, feel free to follow Momo and even become a part of the Find Momo craze.

5. tunameltsmyheart

Tuna is one of the most popular dogs on Instagram (and on the internet in general) because of her story and the keen sense of fashion she displays on her Instagram profile. Her mom, Courtney Dasher, rescued this Chiweenie (Chihuahua and dachshund mix breed) in 2010 at a Los Angeles farmer's market. Tuna melts hearts, as she became an advocate and icon of dog rescue and charity. With her overbite, fun poses, and her overall feel good profile, Tuna deserves every single one of her almost 2 million followers.

6. Myregalbeagle

If you remember Vine (may it rest in peace), you may also remember Sid the pizza-eating beagle. Sid is now an Instagram sensation. He is such a good boy and such a fun-loving pup that his owner has a blast putting things in Sid’s mouth or on his head. Sid is adorable with his collar made of a huge leaf, chewing toys, or hamburger hat.

7. Marutaro

Famous Japanese Shiba Inu Marutaro is always smiling, so you should head on to his Instagram profile and have a blast. With over 2 million followers and friends, this pooch is an internet superstar. You can always enjoy his adventures, his love for napping, having friends, and spending quality time with his humans.

8. Mr. Rico

If you are a nature and big dogs aficionado, then Rico’s Instagram profile is something you cannot miss. Rico sometimes think he is still a pup, while sometimes he thinks he is an adventurer. His Instagram account will take you on an amazing journey of discovery. Enjoy some truly amazing photos and videos, a fun-loving dog, breathtaking scenery, and stories to melt your heart for the ages.

9. icharity

This particular Instagram profile features Riley, a dog advocate and campaigner through-and-through. Besides the smart dog lobbying and PR-ing, the account also displays sweet-face Riley in a rich gallery of minimalist photos and poses that will definitely put a smile on your face. Just like other famed dogs of Instagram, Riley loves napping and playing with toys and accessories.

10. Dean the Basset

Now this dog parent knows how Instagram works. If you want some inspiration on how to run your fluffy buddy’s Instagram profile, you can always get your cues from Dean the Basset account. Daily uploaded pictures, a close follow-up of Dean’s daily adventures, amazing photography, well-curated videos, and a droopy funky-looking basset hound seem to convey the recipe for Instagram success.

What other amazing doggies do you follow on Instagram? Feel free to spread the love for the fluff and share the cuteness overload with our community!

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