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Why do dogs eat grass? The answer will surprise you.

If your dog is munching on grass, you are not alone. Research shows that 80% of dogs do it. According to urban legend, dogs eat grass in order to ease their upset stomach by forcing themselves to vomit. But only 20% of dogs actually vomit after having a grassy meal.

Doggy member Teddy

The most likely reason? Instincts. For wild dogs and wolves, eating grass helps clear the body of worms that may be infecting the animal. Most pet dogs are free of such worms but nonetheless may still have that predisposition to eat grass which was helpful to their ancestors. They also know that a little roughage makes for a more balanced diet. In fact, wild dogs and wolves eat fruit and plants regularly.

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Experts see no harm in doggies eating grass. It actually contains some beneficial nutrients for your pup. You can always start your own herbal home garden to give your pooch an alternative to outside grass. It’s also often a way for your four legged friend to improve their diet by introducing fibre, so relax your doggy is not unusual at all :)

Doggy member Waffles

There you have it, dogs are a smarter than we think! We hope you have learnt a little bit more about your dog’s or borrowed dog’s behaviour, we sure have :)

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