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10 amazing dog facts guaranteed to blow you away

We know it's a given but we absowoofly love all things dog! We also love sharing and educating our members about all things doggy. So we have collected 10 pawsome doggy facts to share with you - so get your learning caps on and let the fun facts commence!

1) Dogs have three eyelids, an upper lid, a lower lid and a third lid which helps keep the eye moist and protected.

 dog puppy shy embarrassed i cant handle this GIF

2) Your dog can smell your feelings. Your pup can pick up on subtle changes in your scent, which can help them figure out how you are feeling — such as when you become nervous or fearful.

Doggy member Hamish

3) Dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep due to an age-old instinct to keep themselves warm and protect their abdomen and vital organs from predators.

 dog animals puppy sleeping napping GIF

4) The Basenji is the only bark-less dog in the world.

Doggy member Vesta and Sky

5) The oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who lived 29 years and 5 months. In human years, that is more than 160 years old.

Doggy member Crash

6) If a dog isn’t spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate and their offspring can product 67,000 dogs in 6 years.

 puppies basenji GIF

7) Dog’s shoulder blades are unattached to the rest of their skeleton to allow greater flexibility for running.

Doggy member Harvey

8) There are an estimated 400 million dogs in the world.

The BarkPost cute dogs puppies golden retriever GIF

9) Dogs’ noses secrete a thin layer of mucus that helps them absorb scent. They then lick their noses to sample the scent through their mouth.

 dog tongue pug lick pugs GIF

10) During this the Tang Dynasty, the imperial palace began to breed smaller and smaller lion dogs (Pekingese). The smallest were called "Sleeve Dogs," because their owners could carry the tiny doggies around concealed in the billowing sleeves of their silk robes.

Doggy member Penelope

We are still in shock. We hope you enjoy these facts as much as we did! To have your doggy featured in our next article send your photos or videos to along with your doggy's name :)

Wishing you a pawfect day :)

Woofs and tail-wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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