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Discover Dogs - London's Biggest Dog Event

Feeling stressed out? Look no further than the puppy stressbusters coming to Eukanuba Discover Dogs, 21st and 22nd October, to help deliver a dose of doggie shaped dopamine to anybody in need of a hug with a furry bundle.

The Pet A Puppy Pop-up Stressbuster Clinic will give stressed out urbanites the chance to come and snuggle in a pen of puppies. Studies show that petting a dog can increase oxytocin levels, which in turn reduces stress!

Even better, the oxytocin boost can continue throughout the day, as there will be over 200 different dog breeds to meet and greet at Discover Dogs, so those thinking of getting a puppy can find the perfect breed to suit their lifestyle and receive top tips on how to keep them happy and healthy.

Event details:

Where: ExCeL London

When: 21st and 22nd October 2017

Buy your tickets today:

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