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Take the Lead - Owner Jenny and Dixie

Love Cockapoos? Then our latest #TakeTheLead is for you! Dixie is a slightly mischievous Cockapoo puppy from Coventry who is guaranteed to make you laugh. Here’s just some of the adorable antics she gets up to on a normal day…

6:45am - Our day starts nice and early with snooze time on the sofa...neither of us are awake enough to venture out into the dark and cold quite yet!

7:28am - As the morning slowly starts to get lighter, Dixie starts to get a little impatient for the first walk of the day.

8:52am - We're so lucky to have a park at the back of our house - Dixie thinks it is an extension of the back garden!

10:16am - Meet Clive - he is Dixie's favourite toy and boy does she put him through the mill. In Dixie’s opinion, there is no better way to pass the time than to play fetch with him. Clive might beg to differ…

12:03pm - In between walks and play time, Dixie is the master of the puppy dog eyes. Nobody can resist her when she pulls this face…

1:40pm - Dixie loves to scavenge and on every walk she will find something, whether it’s a dropped glove, a discarded bottle, and here a thrown away pack of cheese. She makes me laugh as she trots along so proudly with her 'treasure'.

2:31pm - Time for the second walk of the day and this time Grandad is coming with us. Dixie loves her Grandad #furgrandchild

3:03pm - Dixie is just the friendliest dog and loves meeting new pals wherever she goes. Coundon Wedge in Coventry is a quick walk from our house and is fab for long, muddy walks with lots to explore...and lots of dogs to meet!

4:10pm - Wherever there is mud, Dixie will find it, and she's guaranteed to be ten times muddier than any other dog. Her favourite trick is to actually lie down in puddles / bogs / streams just to make sure she's got an even covering ….

5:49pm - I think she gets herself so muddy just so she can have a lovely warm bath when we get home! She has always loved baths, even as a puppy.

7:00pm - All of the walking, running, playing being cute, scavenging, treat time, finding mud, meeting new pals and bath time in just one #Dixieday all adds up to a pooped pup! We hope you enjoyed sharing our day with us :)

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