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High paws to BBC Radio Solent

High paws to the absowoofly wagulous pack at BBC Radio Solent for woofing about BorrowMyDoggy. We were so happy, we smiled like this...

Pawsome presenter Alex interviewed our co-founder Rikke on how she came up with the idea for BorrowMyDoggy and our aim to leave 'Pawprints Of Happiness' on the lives of dogs and people. She explained how spending the day with a friend’s pooch, Aston, prompted the idea and that BorrowMyDoggy is all about making a positive difference to people’s lives - high paws!

We’re so thankful to everyone at BBC Radio Solent for woofing about our young pup of a company, BorrowMyDoggy.

Best woofs,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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