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Weekly Pupdates 17th May

A roundup of the past week's pupdates from around the web that got our tails wagging…

  • Not much to see here, just some of the most gorgeous photos of Golden Retrievers you’ll ever see.  Want a teaser?  We're happy to oblige.

  • These pooches chose very carefully where they’d like to take a little nap. Spoiler - it's not in their bed. 

  • Grab your doggy's briefcase and start briefing him on his roles and res-paw-nsibilities. The UK's first ‘Bring Your Dog To Work' day is coming this June - high paws!

  • All dogs understand what personal space is, don’t they? We’re not sure these cheeky little pooches do.

  • Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for - Buzzfeed’s list of 100 most important dog photos of all time. Here are # 3, 61 and 85 to whet your appetite. 

From all of us here at BorrowMyDoggy, wishing all of you dog lovers a wagulous weekend...

Woofs and tail-wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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