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The top 10 names on BorrowMyDoggy

Our furry members have all sorts of lovely names, but recently we got thinking….

What pooch names are the most popular on BorrowMyDoggy?

So, without further ado, the top 10 most popular names are...(drumroll please)

Poppy - High paws! Here are just a few of the gorgeous Poppy’s we have signed-up to BorrowMyDoggy.

Second on the list is Alfie, and we’re sure you’ll agree there are some equally wagnificent dogs with this name too.

Thirdly, there's Charlie...

Lola is fourth on the list, and there’s a big range of wagtastic breeds who share this name.

Bella is halfway down the list, and it appears the name suits lots of little pooches. 

Molly is sixth on the list, and this time, the dogs are bigger!

A lot of the Oscars seemed to share a similar trait - the love of a ball game!

Max is number 8...

Bailey is next, and there are lots of very smiley pooches with this name.

And last, but absowoofly not least, is Ruby

New sprinkles

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