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Doggy Date Checklist

Once you've had a wagtastic ‘Welcome Woof’, gotten to know your local dog and dog owner really well and reviewed the 7 ways to know when you’re ready, it’s time to em-bark on your first solo furry date.

To make sure you have the best time pawsible, here’s a doggy date checklist, prepared by our lovely friends David and Hannah from David Cuffe & Associates.

1. Keep Your Borrowing Info Sheet With You At All Times

No doubt you have had lots of chats with your new puppy pal’s owner, who will have shared a whole host of information, including the Borrowing Info Sheet.

As it can be tricky to remember every tiny detail (pawticularly when you are super excited about your first pooch date), the Borrowing Info Sheet ensures you fully understand the dog’s unique routine and pawsonality.

The dogument has all sorts impawtant information on your furry friend, including their eating habits, hobbies, favourite hangouts and their vet’s details, as well as access to the BorrowMyDoggy 24/7 Vet Line.

2. Prepare Your Home

Take a look around and make sure your home is puppy proof. Remember to keep all food (human and otherwise) and medications out of reach, as well as any objects a dog may think look like amazing chew toys - usually expensive shoes in my experience, but children’s toys can also be popular.

If you have a garden, it’s a great idea to check all of the fencing is very secure, as well as sectioning off any areas (new spring vegetable seedlings?) you may not want trampled during an enthusiastic game of chase or fetch.

Don’t forget to make absolutely sure you haven’t laid any slug, rat or snail bait that could be potentially toxic if ingested. If you have a cat at home, it may also be a good idea to think about giving them a space during the doggy visit where they can be alone if they so desire.

3. Prepare your Family and/or Flatmates

If you are sharing your home with family or housemates, have a mini meeting to discuss the impending arrival. Of utmost importance is making sure everybody is aware of keeping any doors leading to the outside world closed.

You can also discuss the areas of the home/garden that your furry friend is free to explore and those you’d like to keep closed off. Also, this is a great time to review the dog’s routine and any special requirements, for example when and where feeding is best and who is responsible.

4. Routine

Try and stick to the dog’s usual routine as much as possible. Maintaining the same feeding and bathroom times as when the dog is at home will help them to settle in easier and ensure they aren’t gazing quizzically at you during your Sunday morning sleep-in asking to be let out or fed :)

5. Lead Walks

Doggy’s owner will have already shared the do’s and dont’s of walking their pooch in a public area. Also, you’ll have been acquainted with how the pooch likes to walk during your ‘Welcome Woof’. Now it’s time to go solo.

The first one-on-one walk is exciting for both you and your new furry friend, but remember to exercise caution and establish your bond with the dog before your walk by reviewing their commands with treats. Borrowers should also keep the dogs on their lead at all times, unless they have written permission from the owner to do otherwise.

We’d love for you to take a sniff around our FAQs for even more helpful info. And last, but absowoofly not least, HAVE FUN!!!

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