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Weekly Pupdates 22nd March

A roundup of the past week's pupdates from around the web that got our tails wagging...

  • St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but we can’t get enough of this Border Collie herding his fellow mates.
  • This naughty little pooch jumps onto his owners bed when he’s left alone! Watch what happens...
  • This group of lovely people in Derby know the true meaning of ‘Pawprints of Happiness’.....they raised over £445,000 for charity Guide Dogs for the Blind. High paws!
  • Ever seen two pooches talking to eachother? We have thanks to this wagulous clip.
  • Dogs are the perfect listeners, so if you’re struggling with your reading, why not practice on your pooch?
  • A group of Basset Hounds pile out of a doghouse. It’s even cuter than you think.

From all of us here at BorrowMyDoggy, have a wagnificient weekend dog lovers!

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