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Pupdate: Let borrowers do the talking. Woof!

A quick pupdate for you - owners can now choose to be contacted by verified borrowers first, high paws!

Until now borrowers have been able to add local pooches they’d love to be friends with to their favourites, and then wait for an owner to get in contact.

We receive lots of wagtastic feedback from our lovely members all the time, including about borrowers contacting owners. Based on this we’ve made some changes, as we’d love to give our lovely members the best possible experience.

Owners can now choose to let verified borrowers contact them first. Owners have the choice to turn this on or off, so that if they get inundated with messages (due to having an exceptional popular doggy) they can control how many emails they receive. Borrowers can still add doggies to their favourites and owners will be notified as usual.

How does it work?

When owners sign-in, they’ll see a message that explains that they can allow borrowers to contact them directly. If owners choose yes, verified borrowers will be able to contact a cute four legged furry friend that they’d like to give extra walks and ear-ruffles to.

Alternatively, an owner can leave this set to no, so the ball is in their court and they can continue to contact borrowers when they’re ready.

Owners can change this choice at any time by going to their profile page and moving the slider.

When verified borrowers are looking at profiles of pooches where owners have chosen to be contacted, they’ll see a message on the right-hand side of the doggy’s profile to let them know.

We hope that this helps our lovely members find more wagulous matches soon :)

Woofs and tail-wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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