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High paws to Cosmopolitan magazine

BorrowMyDoggy was featured in the April issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, high paws!

Cosmopolitan woofed about us as a wagulous way to “share the puppy love.” By matching dog owners to responsible dog lovers who can’t have a pooch of their own, BorrowMyDoggy is a great solution to fill the dog shaped hole in people’s lives. The owner gets peace of mind that their dog is being well taken care of by another dog-lover, whilst the pooch gets even more love and attention. It really is a win-win (or a woof-woof!) situation.

We were thrilled to be mentioned in Cosmo magazine, and we’d like to say an absowoofly huge thanks to them for woofing about BorrowMyDoggy and our aim to to leave ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of dogs and people.on for everyone involved :)

Best woofs,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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