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You’re in Safe Paws!

Afternoon woofs!

We know how important it is that your personal details remain personal and we’ve had some questions come through from users about what we do and do not share. To reassure you that you are in safe paws - here is an abridged version of our privacy policy for all users:

Your email address:

We will never share your email address with other BorrowMyDoggy users or third parties.

Your phone number:

We ask for your phone number as part of the verification process, but, as with your email address, we will never share this with other BorrowMyDoggy users or third parties.

Your address:

We ask for your postcode to search for matches in your area, and we ask for your full address as part of the verification process. We only share the first part of your postcode with other users (to help them understand how far away you are, e.g. SW9), and never share the rest of your address.

Your name:

Your profile will show only your first name or your doggy’s name. Your surname will remain private and we will not share this with other BorrowMyDoggy users.

What can be viewed by the public?

Your profile is only visible to selected signed in members of BorrowMyDoggy. Your profile’s content will not show up in search engines.

What will we use?

From time to time we might take some information from your profile to share with our community (e.g. via Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter etc) - like Fluffy’s dislike of squirrels or Fido’s penchant for strawberries. We may also share your doggy’s profile picture, for instance if he or she is our doggy of the month. We will never share any profile information, however, without your full consent.

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