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Media and lots of sign ups :)

Woohoo!!! Through lots of tongue-wagging friends (of the human sort) - we are delighted to say that we have dog lovers all across the UK, and are actively up and matching! And with new people signing up, every day!

We’ve been a lucky enough puppy to have the Independent and Emerald Street write some mighty fine woofs about us!

The Independent wrote “Sadly like many nine-to-five officer workers, renters and cramped townies it wouldn’t be fair of me to own a dog… Help is at hand though”… as we sure can help!

And in Emerald Street: “if you have a dog, but can’t walk it as much as you’d like, BorrowMyDoggy will help you find someone to share the duty”. Less duty, more… delight?

Plus… Twitter storms and facebook frenzies have certainly helped spread the woofs about BorrowMyDoggy around!

Thank you so much and HIGH PAWS for your amazing help and leaving “pawprints of happiness” across the country…

Smiley woofs :)

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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