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Introducing the BorrowMyDoggy Team

We think it’s about time we gave you some proper woofs about us! We know lots about you, after all - so it’s only fair :)

The BorrowMyDoggy Team - aka Rikke, Les, Nell and Carlos - are all adoring doggy fans, but none of the team currently have a dog for the same reasons many of you probably don’t… time, space, travel, rental agreements, etc. We all still love dog-time!

Between our team members, Les volunteered for the RSPCA, Nell grew up with a family of dog breeders and dogs, and the rest have longed to own their own, but haven’t been able to… yet! All of us do lots of dog-sitting and walking when we have the chance, because doggies makes us tail-wagging happy!

Presenting, the BorrowMyDoggy Team….

Rikke is our Top Doggy - it was her idea and head for business that started this little ball rolling. Les is our magical Tech Puppy who designs and builds our website and systems. Nell is Agent Wag Wag, and looks after matching and writing cute woofs. Carlos is our mentor and first investor, and his wise woofs train us to be a good puppy company.

New sprinkles

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