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Here at the BorrowMyDoggy Kennel we have all been keeping our paws busy with excitement in the run up to our favourite time of year, Christmas! We’ve been donning our christmas hats and writing our letters to Santa Paws, and we can’t wait for the tail-wagging fun that we’re going to have over this festive period.

As everyone knows Christmas is all about sharing, the Saturday Telepgraph woofed about us as a way for families to save money by sharing their loveable pooch with another local dog lover, high paws!

BorrowMyDoggy was also mentioned by the Mail on Sunday in an article on the growing sharing economy. They spoke about the benefits of borrowing rather than buying, and mentioned us as a way for owners to pair up with someone who can give their doggy some extra walkies :)

We’re so thankful for being featured as it really does help us leave ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of as many dogs and humans as possible.

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