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7 Ways to know when you're ready

So the final blog in this series from David and Hannah from David Cuffe Associates is finally here, high paws! So far they’ve given us tips and tricks on everything from meeting poochy pals for the first time, to bonding with a doggy and how to decide when a borrower is ready to em-bark on our first solo outing with their new four legged friend :)

Find out how to know when your doggy and borrower are ready to go on their first solo tail-waggingly fun outing.

Every dog is different, some dogs will happily accompany anybody on a walk and remain relaxed and obedient. Others may need to get to know their new friend for a longer period of time before it is safe (and fun) for them to go on a solo outing with a borrower. There is no right or wrong but it is important to tick some key boxes before borrower and doggy go off on their first adventure on their own:

  • Borrower and dog are both happy and relaxed around each other - the dog recognises and greets the borrower upon meeting.
  • The dog’s owner is happy and relaxed for borrower to have control of the dog while you are on joint outings.
  • The dog is responsive to and respectful of the borrower’s commands.
  • Dog and borrower have experienced a few different scenarios together, for example meeting and greeting other dogs together, walking in the park (on and off lead if this is something the owner is happy with and there is a signed consent form for the borrower to walk the dog off lead), walking on the road, perhaps going on public transport together if this is something that the dog is used to and the owner is happy with.
  • Both owner and borrower are confident that they are on the same page when it comes to doggy care and what is appropriate for this particular dog.
  • Borrower is in possession of written care advice from the owner, knows the procedure should veterinary care be required and has the owner’s full contact details.
  • You are having a whole lot of fun together!!

If all of these bases have been covered then you are definitely on your way to a whole new world of adventures with your new pooch pal! Go forth and wag!!

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