Become a BorrowMyDoggy Ambassador

Our ambassadors love to chat to neighbours, friends and anyone who they meet about creating a community based on sharing the of dogs.

Becoming an ambassador is a rewarding experience and means happier and healthier dogs and people across the UK and Ireland. It can take up as much time as you like and it’s a great way to get to know your neighbourhood and meet fellow dog lovers.

What do our Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors help grow their local BorrowMyDoggy communities in a variety of ways, including:

  • Distribute letters to neighbours on your street
  • Put flyers up in local shops, cafes, parks and community centres
  • Style your dog (owned or borrowed) with our bandana
  • Spread the word about BorrowMyDoggy to everyone you know

How do I become an Ambassador?

Before becoming an ambassador* you’ll need to complete a quick form - it’ll only take a few minutes. A member of our Help Team will then become your ambassador liaison to help with questions, helpful tips, and how-to’s.

*Only BorrowMyDoggy members can become ambassadors.