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We have lots of wonderful borrowers signed up across the UK who love spending time with doggies, and would be happy to help you take care of yours when you are busy. Over 70% of our borrowers previously owned a doggy so they have lots of experience.

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Would you love to have a doggy but can’t have one due to long work hours, travel, space or rental agreements?
Why not sign up, as we have many wonderful doggies who’d love a new local friend like you for walkies or sleepovers?

Katie's house is now Rosie's second home! She visits at least once a week. A perfect match! Thank you so much!

A BorrowMyDoggy lender

Our first meet up went really well and I feel we were a good match. Going on a walk was ideal as we had the opportunity to talk about Lola's history, personality and general behaviour.

A BorrowMyDoggy borrower

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Why BorrowMyDoggy?

We believe that dogs deserve the best life possible.

When owners lend their doggy to a trusted, local borrower, the benefits are multiple

  1. The doggy gets more love and exercise
  2. The borrower gets happy doggy time
  3. The owner gets peace of mind that when they’re busy, doggy is well looked after

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